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In-silico drug development • from molecules to market ™

in-silico drug development • from molecules to market ™

About CytoSolve

CytoSolve, Inc. is a start-up founded by two MIT scientists, V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD and C. Forbes Dewey Jr., PhD CytoSolve has developed the world’s first computational platform for scalable integration of molecular pathway models. Our platform provides an important contribution to the field of Systems Biology. Using CytoSolve™, complex molecular pathway models have been tested and built for EGFR, nitric oxide and Interferon (IFN) pathways. Without CytoSolve™, the integration of complex molecular pathway models is largely manual, time-consuming and in many cases, not possible.

At CytoSolve, Inc., we use our platform for drug development in the fields of vaccines, liver cancer and heart disease. We also provide opportunities for commercial companies such as biotech and pharmaceutical companies to work with us to use the CytoSolve™ platform for supporting their internal drug development process.


V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D.
Co-founder. President & CEO

Scientist-technologist, entrepreneur, inventor and educator, is a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, Westinghouse Science Talent Search award recipient, holds four degrees from MIT. Inventor of one of the world’s first E-MAIL systems and winner of a White House competition to automatically analyze and sort email. He pursued his bachelors, dual masters and doctoral degrees at MIT, spanning the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, media arts and sciences, applied mechanics and systems biology.

C. Forbes Dewey Jr., Ph.D.
Co-founder. CSO

Professor Dewey is a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT and holds joint appointments in the Division of Biological Engineering and the Division of Health Sciences and Technology. He is also Co-Director of the International Consortium for Medical Imaging Technology (ICMIT) whose goal is the development and promotion of advanced technology for medical imaging. Prof. Dewey’s research interests include fluids mechanics, cell dynamics and modeling, biomedical imaging, medical informatics, and instrumentation.