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Your Body Your System

Your Body Your System™

Your Body Your System™(YBYS) is a process, algorithm, tool and website that maps a person’s natural body constitution (Natural System State) and current body constitution (Current System State) state to a three-dimensional space and provides recommendations of dietary/exercise/lifestyle changes to balance the person’s Current System State with the Natural System State.

YBYS consists of a user interface where the user is asked a series of questions pertaining to the balance of three essential forces in the body – Transport, Conversion and Storage. The responses are then mapped to a three dimensional spectrum, and using a force vector algorithm, the person’s Natural System State is established as a point within the spectrum.

The next phase of user interface seeks to establish the person’s Current System State through another set of questions and responses. Using the same force vector algorithm, the Current System State is fixed as a point within the spectrum.

The difference between the two points is then assessed, and using a database of the relative impact of different foods/activities/lifestyle changes on the three forces of Transport, Conversion and Storage, a set of recommendations is arrived at.

Reminder messages are sent to the user on a daily basis. Users can do repeated check-ups of their Current System State in the user interface to monitor improvement.