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Social Media Marketing, Monitoring and Management solutions

EchoMail - Email & Social Media Marketing, Monitoring and Management. Founded by VA Shiva Ayyadurai

EchoMail, Inc.

EchoMail, Inc. offers Email and Social Media Marketing, Monitoring and Management solutions for Global 2000 Companies and the SMB markets. Our proven tools and industry solutions increase your organization’s revenue, customer retention, and productivity while allowing you to monitor your company’s image over Email and on Social Media. In short, we provide a single easy, fast and affordable solution for Email Marketing, Email and Social Media Monitoring, and Email Management.


IBM, Lotus, Oracle, Dell and Microsoft.

The EchoMail Team

The EchoMail Team is a holistic combination of MIT technologists, artists, and communication professionals. This synergistic team strives toward combining the fields of art and information technology to create innovative solutions on interactive media.

EchoMail is located at 701 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts.